You just bought a new domain or you want to change several things about your workspace. This is where you do it.

go to your settings > publishing

There are 3 main things you can change:

  • You workspace name

  • the URL of your company

  • And the selection of your image

All of this is done right here 👇

Let's dive into all 3 of them.

Workspace name

This is the most obvious one and feel free to be as creative as you'd like.

URL of your company

Change or update the link to your company in the second little box. Make sure to use the www. or the https:// correctly.

⚠️ This URL is important because it will be the standard redirect if anything fails or if you have unpublished a Story. If you want to have a custom redirect, have a look at the URL Rules and redirect possibilities.

Workspace Image

You can change or update the image of your workspace.

⚠️ The image must have a background so we recommend it to be a JPEG. This image will be the little image you will see in the Google Search Previews. See below.

If you are wondering why your Stories are not visualized like that, have a look at our article explaining about when, where and how your Stories will be visualised in Google.

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