Some say, hosting is an art! We believe it's making the right decision for you, allow us to focus on creating the best experience for you and your customers.

As you can probably quickly identify we are using Cloudflare as DNS servers. Why did we choose them? Well, they are the fastest DNS out there and offer great reliability. They have amazing coverage. You can also see the status of these servers.

What's more, they are also really invested in the AMP. They are the first DNS provider that has implemented signed-exchange. This means that you will always have your URL instead of the Google AMP cache.

We also use Server workers to ensure that the best experience on all types of devices and browsers.

What we also do, is that we create a very low res image that loads even with very slow internet speeds. So that your users can already understand the context of your story. This service is only available on videos and Jpeg images.

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