Here is everything that you need to fill in before you can publish your Story. You can find all these when previewing your Story.

Let's go through them one by one!

Meta title ✍️

The meta title is the first of all the metadata.

Fill your meta title in here 👇

This title is the first thing that people see when you see this link in a Search Engine or when you send this link on Social. So make it short, eye-catching and keep it between 50–60 characters.

The meta title will also become the title of your Story.

Meta Description 📝

The meta description is the second of all the metadata.

Try to draw people to your Story with a well-crafted description. It needs to give more insight into what they will see in your story. Keep it between 155–160 characters.

Meta image 🌁

The meta image is the last part of your meta of metadata. It is the first visual thing that people see when you find this link in a Search Engine or when you send this link on Social.

And it is being created for you.

Tappable creates the meta image based on your first page. It ensure that your meta image is eye-catching and informative

This image is created by taking the first page of your story and ads a blurred background to fill the 1200x628 aspect ratio.

Color 🌈

Why do you need to select a color? The allows you to change the header of your browser navigation bars.

The color will be defined by the background of your first Story page. Just like here, I've selected a blue background.

This is the result that we get.

Make sure that your color is eye-catching and consider using a color that is used in your story or matches your brand guidelines.

Story Poster

If you want to stories to be highlighted by Google and be shown like the following example that we have create. You will have to upload poster images.

Poster images are similar to the meta image, but instead they are used to visualise your AMP Story in a much more visual way in Google.

We've also made sure that this image is automatically created for you. The image is based on the initial slide of your Story.

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