I'm betting you want your Story to be live A S A P ! So here is how you do that!

⚠️ In order to publish your Stories, you must have registered your subdomain. This is how you do it. 👈

Publishing your Story

We are thinking of your results and your image first and foremost! This means that we have chosen for a checklist and safety measures to avoid any silly mistakes. Once, it's out there, it's out there!

So let's go through the checklist!

  • Give your story a title

  • Give your story a description

  • Give your story a link

  • Add a poster image

  • Add a meta image

This is how it should look like when you filled all the above checklist! There is still one missing, and that's our last safety measure!

We ask you to preview your story and double check if there aren't any little niggles.

  • Preview your story and do a final review

Once everything is completed, the magic publish button will appear! You're now ready to publish!

You can easily send out your story on a selected amount of Social Media. You can also download an image with the QR code, or just copy the link of your story!

Updating your Story

Not completely satisfied with your story or want to change that last detail? You can always go back to published Stories and make the necessary changes.

Before updating your Story, you will have to preview your story and then only could you update.

Unpublishing your Story

There is a big red button up there that says Unpublish! Guess what, it unpublished your story!

Once you unpublish your story, the URL will become free again and you will find your Story back in Draft stories.

Note that all URL links to the unpublished Story will be broken, though.

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