There are 2 ways to embed your stories on your own website.

With an AMP Story Player

This process is a little more complicated but we highly recommend you to to use the AMP Story player.

There important benefits with the AMP Story player such as faster loading time, full control of the player and the embedded story. For the best possible experience on all screen sizes, the background of the player will match the Story.

We won't be able to documentation clearer than the original AMP documentation. Here is the link to the full documentation.

We estimate the time to implement won't be longer than half a day with a single developer.

With an iframe

When you've published your story there is also an embed code available.

This is the iframe code:

<iframe width=100% height=560 frameborder=0 src=''></iframe>

We have set the standard parameters for it to look amazing on mobile. But you are always allowed to change the embed code to better suit your needs.

We've put the width at 100% so that it will always show it as wide as possible. For mobile we recommend to keep a height of 560.

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