When you've published your story there is also an embed code available. It's the second one from the left!

This is the code that you will get.

<iframe width=100% height=600 frameborder=0 src='[<https://story.tappable.dev/embed/discoverburnetroad?bg=130377>](<https://story.tappable.dev/embed/discoverburnetroad?bg=130377>)'></iframe>

We have set the standard parameters for it to look amazing on mobile. But you are always allowed to change the embed code to better suit your needs.

We've put the width at 100% so that it will always show it as wide as possible. For mobile we recommend to keep a height of 600.

You could also change the background colour in the code, just change de hex colour code behind ?bg=

⚠️ When embedding your Story on your website, make sure that on mobile there is sufficient margins on both sides of the iframe for your user to keep scrolling. Remember that you cannot scroll inside a Story.

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