Stories on your domain is the holy grail. If you would like to make your stories memorable and easy to find with a branded custom domain, then you can map any domain you own directly to your Tappable Stories.

This is done by adding a CNAME record within your domain's DNS settings and a few extra steps of setup within Tappable.

All Tappable sites will automatically be provided with an SSL certificate by default, which simplifies the process and ensures you site is secure.

Here are the steps to get your custom domain.

  1. Send a little message in the customer support Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner. (only while we are in free beta)

  2. We will then activate the subdomain feature in the back end.

  3. Choose your subdomain prefix

  4. Add the CNAME on your hosting provider. (Cloudflare, Namecheap, you name it)

  5. Initiate the connection and you're ready to roll.

Let's go through it in more details. Head towards the Settings – Publishing.

Head towards the blue box.

Step 1: Add the Tappable CNAME link in your DNS provider. Here are a few Popular DNS providers:

  • Cloudflare

  • GoDaddy

  • Namecheap

  • Google

  • Hover

  • Gandi

Step 2: Once that is set, you can now create your subdomain. We recommend but you can choose any prefix of your choice. Write is down in this box 👇 and connect your domain. We'll do the rest.

The connecting process might take up to a minute.

Once you have connected your domain you will see the different links where you stories will be found.

From now on all your Story links will be with your domain. 😉

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