Keep in mind that Web Stories are soundless by default. Most users will go through them this way. We recommend you to either you prompt your users to activate the sound or make sure to add subtitles to keep drawing your audiences' attention even when they're not listening.

We've tested it with hundred of thousands of Story visits, we only seen 6% of the prompted users activate the sound.

But the article is about enabling the sound to your videos.

  1. Send a little message in the customer support Intercom bubble in the bottom right corner.

  2. We will then activate the sound feature in the back end.

  3. Enable the sound on your Story

  4. That's it.

Every time you upload a video from now on you will have the 👇 following feature appear.

Choose Enable sound and you're ready to roll.

⚠️ If you activate the sound on one video in your Story all the videos will be with sound enabled. So be very aware of the video files you upload and make sure the audio is on or off when you upload the file.

Your users can now see a little speaker on the top part of their Story. Don't forget to prompt them to activate to sound for the best results. 👌

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