Using videos often delivers the best results for your end customers! 😃 So let's dig into it.

You can upload the video like you're used to. If you want a quick reminder on how to upload videos and see the restriction you can check the following article.

This is how the video block looks like.

The first thing we greet you with is with an important question. Do you want cover or contain?

Here are the 2 options. We have uploaded a horizontal video into the across the entire story grid. On the left your have cover and to the right you have contain.

If you choose cover, then you have to choose a focus point, by right-clicking on the video. You will see the white dot move to the new focal point.

You can see the result of the focus point 👆You can see that we frame the video accordingly to your focal point. The clearest example is the rabbit hole that we've chosen on the two right pictures.

No matter how small you make your box we can 100% guarantee that the chosen focus point will be in the box.

If you choose contain you can choose where you want to anchor your video. Top-bottom and left-right.

Now back to the part of the block, that is similar to all the other blocks.

You can see the dimension and position of your box in the top left corner. Next to it, you will find the background color or gradient you can put behind your video.

Choosing a background is especially important if you choose to contain the video. The left image is a the same contain image as above but we've added a light blue background and we've added some inner padding.

On the right you can see that all the effect that you apply will be applied on the box and not the video itself.

Can't have sound on your video, please read this article.

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