Web stories are website so it is important for you to secure yourselves a tappable.link subdomain.

⚠️ Without the registration of this domain you won't be able to publish your stories.

Think of this tappable.link as your instagram account. Without it you can't do anything.

Head to your workspace publishing settings to be able to register your domain.

Upgrading before publishing

You will always be able to use the Web Story format for Free. But only for 24 hours just like Instagram and other Social Media Stories.

If you would like to leverage the full potential of Web Stories and make sure your Stories are online until you unpublish them, you will be required to upgrade.

But fear not we will be Free while in Beta. You can always check our pricing page and guidelines right here.

You will briefly be redirected to the billing page before being able to choose the Free Beta option.

Register a tappable.link URL. It will look something like this.



Admins and owners only can select an URL. But must choose them wisely. All your stories will be published under that URL. And consider that your choice can only contain letters and numbers and should be longer than 3 characters.

Once you've selected your tappable.link URL you're now set to publish your stories.

⚠️ For the time being the user experience is not optimal and you'll guided to the upgrade page with a little button in the top left corner. Before being able to choose your customer domain.

Profile Picture

There is a little square in the top left part of the search preview of Web Stories in Google. That's Tappable's logo.

We highly recommend you to change the Workspace picture as it comes in the previews from Google Search Results. So don't forget to upload your logo. You can upload your logo or your best selfie. 😉

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