Comply with your brand guidelines and add colours and gradients to your workspace.

The workspace colours will be saved and displayed in the editor. It is very handy when you make shapes or add backgrounds to your blocks.

Uploading brand Images

In our opinion the image brand library is the perfect place for you to upload your logo, logotypes,...

You'll be able to upload images in the right column.

You'll be able to populate your brand library quickly. We support JPG, PNG, WEBP and SVG files.

If the upload has been processed correctly you'll be able to see all your uploaded in your library.

Uploading brand videos

In our opinion the video brand library is the perfect place for you to upload intros and outros videos.

We support MP4, WEBM and MOV files. We cap the videos at 30 seconds and max 100MB.

Uploading colors

Head over to the brand library color tab and the save color button is there for you to press! Click it and you will be able to add another color to your workspace. It will open the following box.

Add colors by typing in your color code. Not sure about the code; just click the little box next to the code and your color picker will appear.

You can also choose the transparency of your color.

Uploading gradients

Head over to the brand library gradient tab Add a gradient by clicking the big save gradient. Let's break down all the gradient possibilities:

  1. direction

  2. color

  3. transparency


Now shall we choose a direction? You have 8 directions you can choose from. It will go from the first selected color to the second selected color in the direction you desire. Feel free to play around with the arrows to see the differences.


Now how do we choose our colors? The gradient has 2 colors, first/top color and the second/bottom one in our interface. The gradient will always flow from the top one to the bottom one.

You can choose your colours by pressing add color or filling in the color code. This process is exactly the same as you color selection. See above 👆.

If you started with your workspace colors, they will be saved here too.

Transparent is also a color. You can always come back to transparent by clicking the crossed eye icon.

You're never fully satisfied. So you think you've created the best gradient out there but no the blue is just a touch too light! But you still want to keep your masterpiece. 😥

We thought about you! Create a new gradient and just click your masterpiece of a gradient and you'll see that the setting will reaper like magic. Then it's just a matter of make your blue a bit lighter.


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