Fonts are one main brand characteristics. They enhance your text and convey emotion. You can easily upload your specific font. There a 2 ways of uploading fonts within Tappable and we'll start with the easiest one.

1. Google fonts upload

If your font is in the Google Fonts Library it's easy as pie. Find the font in the list and upload it to your workspace.

We have created filters to help you in your search of the right font.

You can select your language. Google fonts support languages from Cyrillic to Korean.

You can also select per category:

  • Display

  • Sans Serif

  • Serif

  • Handwriting

  • Monospace

2. Uploading your own fonts

You can use your own specific font for your story. Once you've gone through the uploading process, you'll be able to select your font in the text editor or the CTA.

Here's how to upload and categorise your proprietary font.

  1. Upload your .tff, woff, woff2 or .otf file.

  2. Add your new Text Style

  3. Select the characteristics of your uploaded font

  4. Enjoy building Stories with your own fonts.

Uploading & add your font

Drop your .ttf font file in the drag & drop box or find your font in the browser. Don't forget to upload your font with its different variants such as weight and italics.

Once you've uploaded your different fonts, you'll see the following button turn Tappable green, like so 👇

Press the button and then you'll enter the next stage.

Select the characteristics

First, you should name your font. You can even make it a funny name.

Then specify their style by selecting one of the four tags that we've put out.

The next step is defining the weight of your font.

Thank god, It is not mandatory to upload every single variant of your proprietary fonts.

If your font only has one weight, and doesn't have a bold weight, then just choose "disabled" and uncheck the Italic.

The final step is to match your uploaded fonts with the defined characteristics and weights. Press the "select font files" button 👇

Select the "radley-italic.tff" font from the list of uploaded fonts.

There we go, you'll be able to create stories with the following font.

Want to delete it, there is a little trash can that turns black when you hover above it. 😉

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